The Beginning

The Beginning. Chapter 1: Who is Zuby

Chapter 1: Who is Zuby?

<strong>The world has become evil. Every Nation fights against one another. Super Nations manufacture weapons to destroy others; they no longer help the poor nations. Money meant to feed the people is being used to manufacture dangerous weapons capable of wiping away human race. Under development, hunger, hopelessness and disease has hit mother Africa and as a result, her children scattered all over the World. It is for that reason that Zuby set out for Europe to look for greener pastures but what he saw will keep you glued to this adventure to the end.</strong>

<strong>My name is Samson, Popularly known as Zuby.</strong>
I was born in 1980 in the Eastern Nigerian City of Enugu to a Christian Parents and Teachers.
We lived in the neigbouring town called <strong>Ihe</strong> and despite Enugu metropolis being 5 minutes away, it took me 12 years before I visit the Metro area for the first time. The visit marked my first travel without a guardian. My mother had sent me to buy her some exercise books. I marveled at the level of life people lived in the metro areas. That was the first time i noticed that Water was for sale. My entire life, we fetched water from the local stream. That was also the first time i saw electricity without generator. That was back in 1992. I was in Junior Secondary JS 2 Class.
After that wonderful visit to Enugu metro, i realised that the world was such a big place. I remembered looking at the Nigerian map hanging on a wall in our house as soon as i returned from Enugu, other cities like Lagos, Sokoto and Kano began to make more sense to me. I also had a look at the world map and discovered that the world must be a vast place. There and then, i decided that <strong>traveling</strong> would be my hobby.

From then, i started fantasizing what it would be like to visit Lagos, Kano and other cities i had seen and heard of.
What about Going to Germany, France, England, Spain, Japan, Italy, United States and China? That would be heavenly i concluded.

I took my West African Examination Council and Joint Admission and Matriculation Board exams in 1996. The last WAEC paper was on June 18 1996. I zoomed of to Onitsha that same day. My Elder brother Albert was a fairly used Peugeot spare parts dealer at the old spare parts market Onitsha. When the JAMB result came out, it was time to go to the University but it didn’t happen. My reasons then was to join my brother and make money faster. With money, my dream of globe trotting would be realised. I believed i could go to the University when i had enough money of my own. I started trading and making small money. By the year 1999, i met one Mr. Sunday, a friend of my brother who goes to Ibadan to buy imported used vehicle spare parts, then sell them at Onitsha. I asked him how much it would cost me to join him and he said that i could start with N100,000 (about 500 USD). I sold up all my goods in the store and came up with N220, 000. The following week, i followed Sunday to Ibadan. That marked my first real travel outside the Igbo dominated Eastern Nigeria.

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