The Beginning


I remained in contact with Efuah. I called her
almost on daily basis. How could i not do
that after realising that the money she gave
me wasnt fake currencies.

I had heard how sugar mummies gave
people money and i had silently prayed to be
lucky one day to get that kind of sugar
mummy but here was Efuah Kuffor, a 20
year Ghana sweetheart offering me herself
and Money to go with it.

When i told Bonny my friend about my one
night in Accra and how i got money from
Efuah, he doubted it until i gave him One
hundred US Dollars and allowed her to speak
with Efuah on the phone.

On the morning of December 21, 2001,
Efuah landed in Lagos with Ghana airways. I
drove with Okey my friend to pick her up at
the Murtala Muhammed airport Lagos. We
drove straight to Tettrazinni resturant to
have some over-expensive ice cream,
burger and chicken. I decided to treat her
like a queen since she had the mind to give
me 700 dollars.
After the lunch, she was tired, so we had to drive to Okey’s flat in Sulurere Lagos. She slept for about three hours and when she woke up, it was almost 7pm. We drove out again to Festac to have fun and indeed we had fun. She was surprised at how fast life was moving in
Lagos. Everybody seemed to be in a haste
and every one seemed to be shouting for
something. It was quite an experience for
her. We drank and danced at a club in Festac
and went back after midnight.
The following day, we headed to Lekki beach. She came with swimming pants and camera. We took pictures and she swam in the ocean (very close to the banks anyway). Okey my friend
came with his girlfriend too and they kept
themselves busy under a coconut tree
kissing and reminding themselves how much
they loved each other.
Around 8pm, we hired a small palmtree hut
and a mat. It was dark except the main areas
where people partied and Danced. We
bought a coconut drink which contained
alcohol. We drank and kissed and touched.
One thing led to another and before i could
say Jack, Efuah’s mouth was already
enveloping my mouth. She had insisted that i
remained on my boxers only so that i looked
sexy. She was my visitor and i wanted to do
everything possible to make her happy. So i
remained only on my boxers which made
things easier for her when she wanted to
playfully touch my Diiick.
As she kissed and sucked my diick, i rubbed
her back and touched her breaaast since the
position we were couldnt allow me to suck
on the breaaaasts. We played and kissed
until we couldn’t take it any longer. I made
the first move as i pulled down her
swimming overall and dipped my fingers
into her already slippery cu,,nt walls. I
teaased and played with her clittts until she
moaned and begged me to fvckk her.

” please fackk me now honey” she begged.

Honey, i thought and smiled. I thought honey belonged to the bees but as it was then, i had to turn to a bee and sting her.

And a bee i turned into as i laid her on the
mat and parted her legs slightly to open up
the heaven gates. She moaned and grabbed
my back as i drove my JT inside of her
slippery wet Cun’t in one swift drive.
I heard “i lave you so mach Zuby” on my way to
that place where i had been only once in my
whole entire existence.
We fvcked like rabbits, trying out different styles in the
open beach and when i was about to come, i
heard some voices coming towards us. I
ignored them anyway since i wouldnt stop
what i was doing even if lucifer was coming
to tell me that it was time to go to hell.

As i released inside of her without condom as
a voice said behind me ” Mr man, lets go
back home” It was Okey and her girl
standing there, watching a live blue film
starring Zuby and Efuah.

I asked them to excuse us and they did. We
dressed up and left Lekki area of Lagos
Island and drove back to Sulurere via
Western avenue Lagos.

The following day, we packed and headed to
Enugu, Eastern Nigeria.

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