The Beginning


Efuah Kuffor and I got to my village a little past 9am in the morning of December 24, 2001.
The news that Zuby returned for Christmas with a foreign girl had somehow made it to the village ahead of us. There was even a rumour that it was the daughter of the vice President of Ghana that had returned with me. There was other versions of the news that stated that it was the daughter of the Ghanaian Ambassador to Nigeria. Some said she was from Liberia while the usual haters said she was a prostitute i brought from Lagos. Instead of denying any of the rumour, i chose not to make a comment on it at all except for some prominent people who tried to joke with me about it.

My mom was the most skeptical of the whole lot. She wanted to know everything. She also wanted to know if i was about to Marry her. My father was indifferent. He didn’t care at all. He was more contented with hot drinks i brought back home.
My elder brother lost control of me as soon as i became a millionaire. He gave me little advice and allowed me to lead my own life.
My two sisters welcomed her like their old time friend and took her everywhere they went. I drove out with Okey my friend around town and many eyes were on us as we buy drinks everywhere. Girls were looking at us but none of them was brave enough to claim what belonged to a Ghanaian lady even in her absence. I was the new celebrity in town.

Sometime in the afternoon, i went back to my house and met Efuah cutting pumpkin leaves with my younger sister Ify. They were chatting and Ify was trying to learn everything about Ghana in one hour.
I greeted them and entered my room to have some nap. When i woke up Efuah was sitting in front of mirror in the room applying some red paints on her lips.
”Going somewhere?” i asked

”Yea, I and Ify your sister are going to look around the village” she said.

I closed my eyes and tried to sleep again but couldnt, so i took my bath and opened another bottle of Johnny Walker.

”Azubuike” I heard from the compound, it was my mother. I answered and went outside.
” Your wife is such a homely girl” my mother said.
”My wife” i asked
She looked at me as if to say – You must marry her- .
” Mama, Efuah is not my wife. She is a girl i met in Ghana in one of my business trips. She wanted to visit Nigeria and here she is” i said.
”But I like her and you can marry her if she agrees” my mother said.

I told my mother that we will talk about it when i come back in the evening. I went to Okey’s house and we drove out again.
There was a football match between my Village and the Neighbouring village in the central field, so we went there to watch the match. I saw Efuah and Ify at the field watching the match.
Somehow i was surprised at how this beautiful girl felt at home.
There was no network service in the village then, so Efuah couldn’t call her parents in Ghana. I told her that we will drive to Enugu around 8pm to make the call.
After the match which our Village had won, I and Efuah strolled towards home. People were watching and greeting us. It was the first of its kind in the village.
We got home and took our bath together. Then we ate Garri together in the open compound.
That was the love of village

My parents were teachers, so it wasnt difficult for them to communicate with Efuah. They asked her about life in Ghana and how she liked our country and town and village.
They laughed and joked until sometime around 8pm. We decided to forget about phone call to Ghana until the following day, so we went back to our room and talked about our village, our culture, the hospitality of my people and how she loved being with me. She admitted that she was scared somehow but i told her that it was a normal thing. I reminded her that i was also scared the day she took me to her parents.

When we ran out of topics to discuss, she turned and placed her lips on mine. I responded and took over from her. We kissed and touched every part of our bodies until the heat increased. I turned off the bulb in my room to avoid anyone seeing anything from outside.
I pulled up her night gown and since she had no undies, i dipped my middle finger inside her dry cu,nt and touched her clitorisss on my way in. Then i parted her left leg with one hand and started licking her cu,nt.
The sound of the big power generator from outside absorbed the moaning coming from Efuah. I licked and sucked as i ignored the fact that someone could actually contact disease from such things.

Who cared, one thing is going to kill a man, although we must be as careful as we can

As long as i could tell, this girl before me took every necessary precaution towards being neat all the time. But still, one can never be careful enough-

The ” please fvck me now” jolted me back from my reverie as i turned her around and entered the heaven gates from behind.
St.Peter wasnt at the gate to ask me some silly questions about how i lived my life on earth, so the entrance was wide open and smooth and uninterupted
I intentionally decided to move in and out of her slowly to experience a different kind of pleasure from the ones i have been having. She moved her up and down to align with my thrust. A few minutes later, she climaxed and poured some juicy liquid on my Joysticks but i kept on moving in and out at the same pace like before.
No hurry this time around. We are at home now.
She cried out ” fvck me Zuby” numerous times as i took no pity on her but continued with the same slow pace.
I was incharge and nobody was going to take that away from me.
After about two more minutes, i turned her around again and dipped two fingers into the wet slippery veegina.

She spread her legs helplessly and grabbed her breassssts by herself. The pleasure was unbearable for her.
She begged me to fvck her again but that was my decision to make.
Eventually i answered her prayers by mounting her again and moving my Joysticks slowly between the wet red walls of her cun,,t. She held my back tightly and flowed with the rythm of my thrust.
We busted again at the same time and i remained on top of her for a few minutes before making a narrow escape from heaven back to Enugu state through the heaven gates.

  • St. Peter was already at the gate when i jumped off. There was nothing he could do since my name was not on the book of those to be admitted or chased away from his kingdom*

” i love you Zuby” i heard from Efuah twice before i responded.
” I love you too baby and to think that you are here in my village with me makes me love you more and more”
” I hope i will be able to pay you back one day for all your trust and love for me” i continued.
We talked more until at about 10pm, then we slept off…

We fvcked every other day until December 29 when Efuah left for Ghana.

* GET READY FOR HER SECOND VISIT TO NIGERIA, HER PREGNANCY, MY DAUGHTER, AND HOW SHE GOT MARRIED IN LONDON……. This and more will come between my travel to Europe and other sexapades*

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