The Beginning


Efuah Kuffor, my beautiful princess left for Ghana on 29the December 2001.
I saw her off to Enugu airport where she boarded a flight to Lagos before connecting another flight to Accra Ghana.
I called her from a pay phone later in evening and she told me how their flight nearly crashed while landing in Accra. We thanked god for chasing satan away from crashing the flight at the last minute, then we reminded each other how miserable life was until we found each other AND how miserable life would have remained if we had not found each other.

By February 2002, i was invited to Ghana by her Parents. After excuses and counter excuses, i decided to go to Accra again. It seemed that their little daughter Efuah wouldn’t talk about anything else except Zuby. She was the only daughter and unlike Nigeria, her parents were not so bothered about having another child or a male child. I was told to use flight to Accra but unfortunately i had no international Passport. I used cars to Accra via Cotonou and Lome again.
On the evening of 15th Match 2002, i arrived in Accra but this time, i came with a small luggage containing a pair of my Italian MISTER shoes and a sports canvas.
Two pairs of jeans excluding the one i wore to Ghana, My GSM alcatel which unfortunately works only in Benin Republic then, some condoms and Money.
They sent a driver to pick me up at Nkrumah square area.
In other to maintain my dignity, i directed the driver to take me to a hotel where i rented a room for four days and paid once. Then we drove to their family house located at about 25 minutes outside Accra Center. My little girl was not at home when i came, so my stay there was somehow awkward but i managed to stay out of everybody’s way.
The mother seemed to be in control of the house as she directed the affairs and even sent the husband on small errands around the house. Something i had not witnessed in Nigeria
I was invited to the Dinning table which was decorated with apples, oranges, steaks, pork meat etc etc.
Eating was difficult but i managed to maintain my dignity by not rushing the food. I also learnt by force, how to eat with knife.

  • I grew up in the village where we ate almost everything with metal spoons and here was I forcing myself to eat with a knife*
    After numerous efforts on the food, i managed to stuff enough meat and vegetable into my stomach and declared myself filled up.
    I was curious as to why her father did not show much interest in me. It was the mother who bombaded me with questions ranging from: What do you do to how much i loved her little girl.
    Ofcourse i loved her little girl, why else would i travel all the way from Nigeria to that place.

After the food, i sat in the sitting room watching a Nigerian movie starring Pete Edochie and Nkem Owoh. The name of the movie was ‘Ikuku’ or something. Nkem Owoh known as Osuofia in the movie had been chosen to become the head of the village deity, but unfortunately he was a drunk and a loafer. The Igwe and the elders were deliberating on what to do next when Efuah came back to the house.

After hugs and kisses in front of her mother, she declared that we were going out. I had nothing to say about it so i kept quiet and followed her orders like a Nigerian Soldier. Atleast that was what i saw the father doing. Maybe it was their way of living.

She was a good driver. The father had bought her a small Italian car called Fiat Punto. She drove with me to the hotel where i lodged. The purpose was for me to change and prepare to go to the Beach, the same beach where i found her. But when we got upstairs to my room, things changed. As i was removing my shirt, she tapped me on the left shoulder and planted a long kiss on my lips.
” Thanks for coming” she said when her lips left mine.
” I didnt know you would make it” she said.
” I was afraid i wasnt going to see you again’ so when i told my mother that i wanted to go back to Nigeria to visit you, she suggested that we invite you instead” she said again.

I moved my lips back to hers and after another long kiss and tongue sucking, i whispered into her ears ” I love you too sweetheart” and i meant it.
” where did you go when i came to your place” i asked her.
”I went to drop off a friend when i got your call, so i called our driver to go and pick you up” she said.
A kiss halted subsequent Q&A as she pushed me towards the only bed in the room and slowly pulled my singlet out.
” I missed our sexxx” she said as she grabbed my already hard Joystick. I kissed her forehead as she decended slowly towards my waist. A quick unbuckling released my belt and loosen up the jean. Then she pulled it down and out.
” Lets go and bath together” she said as she led me like a kid into the bathroom.

We both removed our undies and entered into the big bath tub. She sealed the water escape route and filled the tub with Water. We played like kids, throwing water at each other. She laughed loud at the play while i laughed along for the sake of laughing.
She drew close to me, turned her back and rested it on my chest. I folded my hands across her bare breeassts and kissed her while bending my mouth towars hers. My right hand ventured down and found the promise land amongst some black curly hairs. I stroked the opening of her cuuunt and washed it romantically inside the water.
As the desire to go further heated up, she turned around and faced me while still sitting in the tub. Her legs crossed towards my back as we both drew closer and closer until my Joystick found the opening of her cuunt. Then i slowly pushed forward and inserted my Joystick into the opening. We pushed in and out together for a few times until it became obvious that we were never going to get maximun satisfaction from that position so we climbed out of the tub.

I sat her on the edge of the tub, opened her legs slightly and buried my head, my face and my mind between her legs.
She let out a loud moan as i teased and succckked on her clits.
At that moment, i had that rare priviledge to take a proper look into her vegynaa. The Vagynaa that brought me to Federal Republic of Ghana, the land of Kwame Nkruma, the Land of Jerry Rawlings and the land of Efuah Eudora Kuffor.
I worked on her vegyna with both tongue and finger until she climaxed twice and begged me to have mercy upon her and put her out of that Glorious misery.
I carried her slowly into the room and lay her on the bed. Then i climbed on top of her and moved in my Joystick into her wet, red slippery vegynna while looking into her eyes with a beautiful smile. She held my back while i thumped in and out of her like Mazi Omenuko in the Asaya NYSC camp. The ecstacy was high on both of us as we both moaned and fvcked until i couldnt hold my spermz any longer, then we busted into each other and remained that way for the pleasure to settle before we disentangled from each other. We remained in bed for some time before we dressed up and drove to the beach to look around. We strolled to a coconut tree and sat under it. She slept in arms for more than thirty minutes before she woke up and drove me back to the hotel.
She insisted on sleeping in the hotel but i told her to go home and come back in the morning. She planted a long kiss on my lips and when she stopped, she smiled and said good bye.

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