The Beginning


I returned to Nigeria from Ghana and went to my village. I called my parents together and declared my intention to marry a Ghanaian lady called Efuah Kuffor. My father didnt care much, he actually said that i could marry from anywhere as long we are happy. My mom asked a few questions and agreed as well.
I continued my business and life continued.
I acquired a mobile phone which made it easier to communicate with my wife to be.
At the beginning of July, Efuah came back to Nigeria. I had rented a three bedroom flat in Tedi-Muwo Area of Ojo Lagos. It wasnt such a nice place but it wasnt far from Badagry express way. I had paid for two years. We spent time together and fvcked like rabbits as usual. We visited bar beach, lekki beach, badagry beach and many more places. Life was sweet. I never used condom on Efuah and i knew she would get pregnant someday; she did.
(time to write about that will naturally fall in line)

When she returned to Ghana, i traveled to Onitsha the following day. A friend of mine had returned from Germany and wanted to see me. He returned with nice cars and was the toast of the entire Awada layout Onitsha. The little kingdom I ruled with Cotonou cars.
He told me that i could go to Germany with him if i wanted. We checked what it would cost and i had the money.
I bought a Passport with a German resident permit in it and traveled to Ado Ekiti to change the face of the owner to mine.
Then i paid the owner of the passport about 1500 dollars. I changed some naira to about 2000 euro and left all my remaining money in the Savannah bank.(the bank folded a few days to my travel)

Then on July 31st 2002, I boarded Alitalia airline and left Nigeria.

Flashback: Sometime in the middle of July 2002, i called Efuah and told her about my intention to go to Europe. She knew i loved traveling and visiting new places. It was difficult for her initially but she eventually agreed.
Not that i needed her approval or permission to travel but she was aware of my plans to marry her and bring her down to Lagos. That was the major reason behind renting a flat in the first place. She had even suggested that we rent a new flat in Lekki Area when the two years i paid for the one at Ojo expired.
She told her parents and they adviced her that it would be difficult to hold a man down against his hobbies.
She returned to Lagos on July 28 to help me prepare for the travel. It was an emotional three days for us. She used every small opportunity available to remind me how she was going to miss me and how lonely she was going to be without me etc.
During one of those moments, she broke down in tears. I allowed her to cry for a few minutes before going to her. I had cleaned her eyes with handkerchief and kissed her for long. I reminded her i wasnt going there to live forever and that i would soon return to be with her.
When she finished crying, she went into the bathroom, cleaned herself up and retuned to the sitting room without clothes (nnaakkeedd). She tapped me on the shoulder while i was squatting down over a packed traveling bag. I looked up and saw her full nakedd body staring down at me with a smile placed on her face.
Her brreasts was pointed out like a canon gun in the Nazi Germany’s museum of war. Her flat belly strecthed down to her waist and down to the V-angle between her legs. Her well shaved pubic hair was well designed and trimmed as if she applied sporting waves cream on them. It was so irresitible and so welcoming that i just turned and stood up at the same time.
She smiled as i planted my lips on those oranges glued on her heaving chest. She held the back of my neck, pushing me slightly hard and encouraging me to suck more and more while she let out stiffled moans that sounded like the hiss of a little snake. I teased her brreasts with my tongue and strolled down to her belly button and down to the V-angle. I kissed the well shaven swollen cun,t a few times, then i carried her to the glass center table in the middle of the palour and parted her legs to have full access to the prize.
She gave a weak complain of the glass breaking under her but i was willing to take that chance anyway. I laid her there and parted her legs wide enough to accomodate my big head. I burried my mouth into the cu,nt and sucked away like a new born baby. I tried different styles with my tongue, inserting my middle finger occassionally to practice what i learnt in an adult movie I watched the previous night. I was enjoying the moment and so was she but i was concentrating more on my own enjoyingment. Paying attention to every little detail of pleasure coming from my acts. At a stage she became so weak after the second climax and begged me to enter inside her.
I carried her up again and sat her on the long seat in the palour. Then i raised her left leg and placed it on my left shoulder. The red opening of her cu,nt beckoned on me to come in and in i went with one swift thrust and slashed hot sensation all over my Joystick and down to my head through a kind of electrical waves. I moved in and out of her at the speed of 1km per hour as she shouted ” zuby fvck me, fvck me darling”.
I got tired of carryng the left leg and placed it down, then i tured her back and made her hold the edge of the seat with both hands. Her swollen vegynna faced me again from her arsse at an angle of 69 degrees which made my entrance smooth and without incidence. I drove my hard Joystick inside her while holding her round waist line softly. I pumped in and out of her for several minutes before we both busted out some hot liquids. I then took her to the bathroom to clean up. When we got to the bathroom, we opened the shower over our heads and held each other under the sprinkling water and planted a long kiss on each other.
We forgot the outside world in there as we kissed and teased each other with our tongues. Then she slowly bent down and started working on my Joystick again.
A few moments later, my Joystick commenced its rise to power once more. It became hard again as she sucked on it under the shower. I held her head while she sucked on my Joystick several minutes and when i coudnt take it any longer, i raised her up and placed her back against the wall of the bathroom. I raised her right leg up while her left leg stood alone on the ground. Then i drove inside her vegyna again while her back was on the wall. It was a new style for me but it was worth every second of it. She cried out loud while i pumped in and out in a measured unison. ” fvck me baby” she cried every now and then until we got tired of that position. My spermz wasnt anywhere near coming out. It often happened on my second rounds.
I put her leg down and sat on the toilet seat. i beckoned her to come and seat on my erect Joystick. She came, turned her ars,e and slowly found my Joystick with the opening of her dripping cu,nt. Then she slowly moved up and down on my Joystick while i held her waist line to encourage the moves. She pumped me for minutes before i climaxed and released more hot creams into her. Then we concluded our bath and slept off.
The following day, She was at the airport to bid me goodbye at the Murtala Muhammed airport Lagos on the night of July 31st 2002. She later drove back to my apartment with a taxi and left for Ghana the following day.

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