The Beginning


I left Nigeria on 31st July 2002. I boarded Alitalia airline at the MM airport Lagos and landed in Accra on transit. We left Ghana the same night and got to Milan Malpenza airport in the morning.

The whole night was like a dream.
As i walked down the aircraft isle looking up at the storage base for my seat number. My ticket pointed to seat Number 20A. Right behind the first class. We were demacated with a wooden cabin.
I found my seat at the left side of the flight. A strange and suspicious girl was sitting on it. The lights were still on, so i took a good look at her face first. She was about 19 or 20.
‘Thats my chair’ i said confidently as if i had been traveling with flight all my life.
She looked scared and surprised.
‘check your ticket’ i continued.
She opened a local handbag and brought out her ticket.
I took a look at it and saw 20B. What!!!.

I thought 21 Came after 20 in numerical order, what is 20A and B again

I was a little confused, so i settled on the window seat, whether it was 20A or 20B.
My travel was easier and smooter due to the fact that Amanda, my seatmate was also a first time air traveler. She was going to Napoli according to her, to live with her aunty who had lived for 20 years there.
I knew nothing about prostitution in Italy then, so i suspected nothing

After we had settled on our seats in the aircracft in Lagos, Amanda started talking to me. She was nervous as i was but i did a very nice job at hiding my own nervousness.
”are you going to Italy’ she asked me.
‘I am going back to Germany’ i said.

I had been warned that my passport shows that i had been living in Germany for seven years. I was told to be careful if immigration or police operatives stopped me for questions but i decided to start practicing it with my seat mate.

”what is your name’ i asked her.
‘Amanda’ she replied and continued talking. ‘this is my first time to fly and i am going to Italy to live with my aunty’
She told me how she had looked for visa for years and how god had sent the visa from heaven etc.

We talked until the main lights went off. We were already in the air then. A few minutes later, we had landed in Ghana. We both stayed in the aircraft while people alighted. Other passengers boarded the craft and we flew out again.
After the announcement on how we were supposed to survive if the plane somehow crashed or caught fire or landed in the ocean, the lights went of again.
It was time for proper introduction with Amanda. Afteral i had lived in Germany for seven years, i was supposed to act like it.
‘what were you doing in Nigeria before this travel’ i asked. The question seemed to have caught her off guard as she stammered ‘ I was a year one student of Uniben’.
‘what about you’ she fired just to interupt further questions from me.
‘ i returned to Nigeria to look for a wife but i couldnt find any girl, so i am going back’ i said.

  • a nice line that has won me many chicks*
    She smiled and started lectures on how there were millions of girls to chose from.
    ‘non of the girls i saw in my village was as beautiful as you’ i said again.
    This time she laughed and relaxed a bit.
    ‘When you get to Italy, make sure you call me so that i can visit you, i said as i handed her the phone number of the guy who was supposed to recieve me at the Dusseldorf International Airport Germany.
    My right hand that had given her the phone number had somehow managed to rest on her left thigh on its way back. She said nothing as she put the phone number inside her Aba made handbag.
    My right hand had already started moving up and down her leg as she smiled at me.
    I smiled back and promised to run from Germany to Italy as fast as she could call me on that number. i bent down her head slightly and kissed her cheek.
    ‘ I think i have found the wife i went all the way down to the village to look for’ i said.
    ‘na God’ she managed to say as my lips were already closing in on her own.
    ‘ we dey inside plane ooh’ she said out of fear of someone seeing us.

The old Alitalia we boarded had no individual seat TVs as the modern aircrafts. The crappy ones inside the craft was scattered at about 8-meter intervals.
The faded lights coming from the one over our heads couldnt allow other passengers to know exactly what my hands were doing. The height of our seats also blocked those behind us to see anything.

As my hands was busy caresing her thights and bosoms and sometimes venturing into the pubic hairs on her vegyna, i reminded myself that that was as far as i could venture. It was better than nothing anyway. I stopped kissing her lips since the old white man sitting across the isle on our right refused to sleep like every other nearby passenger.
My hand was on her thigh when all of a sudden, the brighter light came together with the overhead speaker.
” Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to serve you foods”
I snatched out my hand as if it was on fire and settled back on my chair. The Italian air hostess coming out of the first class cabin looked at us as if she had seen some misbehaviours.
‘ You can remove your seat belts now’ she said as she passed us.

what!!, Nobody told me when it was time to remove my belts, i could have had enough space and freedom to do more things with Amanda
I decided not to remove the seat belt so fast since i had told Amanda that i had been living in Europe for years. I was supposed to know when to take the belt off, i presumed. I claimed to love being on belts.
I was vindicated when we hit turbulents over North Africa airspace.

A cart was pushed towards us. We were given juice, water, small portion of badly cooked jollof rice with grinded chicken meat. When they asked if we wanted beer, i nodded in affirmative and i was given a strange can of cold beer.
After the meals, Amanda said she wanted to sleep, so i let her be.
For me, there was nothing called sleep. I was determined to stay awake all night. I had been doing that in Wake keeps, it shouldnt be a big deal, so i stayed awake until we landed in Milan Malpenza airport around 6am.

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