The Beginning


When we landed at Malpensa airport in Milan, we proceeded to the transit hall. I had left the craft before Amanda. The next time i saw her, she was being questioned by two uniformed women whom i suspected to be either Italian police or immigration.
I quickly looked away from them and proceeded to the transit hall.
I was also told to mind how i interact with people i didnt know

I boarded a new smaller aircraft.
We got to Dusseldorf Germany an hour and ten minutes after Leaving Milan. Two neatly dressed police officers stood on the way from the aircraft to the arrival hall. They stopped me and asked for my passport which I gave them. While they were flipping towards the visa page, my hand was stretched in a gesture of do-quick-and-give-it-back manner.
As soon as i came out from the airport, i fumbled in my jean pocket to get the phone number of my reciever. I searched and couldnt find it.
Then it hit me, i had given it to Amanda .
useless boy.
What on Earth was i thinking ?
‘Are you Matthew Ejodamen’ a voice asked from behind.
I turned to face a guy who resembled the original owner of my passport.
‘what if i am’ i asked
‘I am Matthew too and i came here to pick you up’ he said.
I followed him down to the train station inside the airport and he bought two train tickets.
We boarded a train from Dusseldorf to Oberhausen, a small city near Dortmund and Duisburg in the Westfalia state.
” you were supposed to call me” Matthew had said.
‘I couldnt find a phone booth’ i lied.

When we got to his flat, the first thing that caught my attention was Nnenna, an Igbo girl who was supposed to be Matthew’s girlfriend.
”Nna nnoo, we have been waiting for you” she said in anticipation of my arrival.

She popped a bottled of champagne and shared it among the three glasses on the glass table.
”welcome to Deustchland’ she said as we drank from our glasses.

She pointed to the bathroom for me to go and shower but i told her i wanted some rest. She went into the Kitchen and brought out four chicken legs and kept it on the table then She announced that she was going to the mall to shop and she left with Matthew.
Two hours later, Nnenna returned alone and when i asked of Matthew, she said that he won’t be coming back until tomorrow morning.

wow! I was alerted, but i was a newbie, so i had to stay calm

” You havent eaten your chicken legs’ she asked.

  • truth was that i didnt know it was for me since she just kept it there and said nothing but*
    ”i wasnt hungry’ i lied but instantly grabbed one of the chicken legs and shoved almost all of it inside my mouth at once.

After the meal, i went into the bathroom to shower. The bathroom was full of liquid soaps which were strange to me. I had come with Tura soap, so i tied my towel and went outside to get my soap from my bag. Nnena looked at me suspiciously as i opened my bag to get my soap but i pretended not to have noticed.
I went into the bathroom and closed the door. The key latch on the door had been damaged, so the door could not be locked.
When i turned on the shower, some very hot water landed on my body that i had to lock the water again amidst a shout from me.
The bathroom door opened up almost immediately and Nnenna was standing there staring from my head to my face down to a big joystick hanging between my legs.
‘ The water is too hot’ i said as she laughed at me. She knew what had happened without my explanation.
‘sorry i no show you how to mix the water’ she said as she stepped inside the bathroom. I was Unclad but the effect of the hot water on my body subdued every thought in my head.
She laughed as she lectured me on how to balance the water between hot and cold.
When she finished, she looked at my joystick directly and smiled at it.
‘ Nnaa, amu gi dikwa Okay’ she said as she left. The silly joystick had already started getting excited.
I had just arrived in a strange country with strange weather and strange building and strange yellow people with yellow hairs and flashy cars AND ALL my mind could think of was what was behind Nnenna’s cloths.
I had just found myself in that circumstances and i decided not to make any move on her whatsoever.

When i finshed my bath, i changed to a short jean pants and polo shirts i had bought in Onitsha main market.

  • Did this girl say that Matthew will not come back until next morning, that was almost 12 hours to stay alone with her. Something was definitely going to happen. All the girls that had seen my joystick from the past five years had also felt it inside their cunnts and Nnenna was not going to be an exception*

I sat in the palour watching a programme with a strange language but i didnt care. It wasnt interesting since i couldnt understand what they were saying but i pretended to be enjoying it. What else was there to do? The only option left was either to sleep or chat with this beautiful girl going from the kitchen to the bedroom.
A plate of hot creamy food landed on the table in front of me and brought me out of my reverie.

” what part of Igboland are you from” i asked Nnenna.
‘Enugu’ she said.

  • So this damsel was from my home state, things were getting more interesting*

” wow, i am from Enugu state too’ i said.
We introduced our various towns etc, she was from Nkanu area while i was from Awgu. We chatted more and surprisingly ate from the same plate while talking.
She was a student, or so she said. When we finished eating, she went into the bathroom to bath.
‘ Zuby” i heard a voice shout from the bathroom. I moved towards the bathroom door when i heard it the second time.
I knocked and she asked that i come in.
I opened the door slowly and peeped into the bathroom.
Nnenna was Unclad. ” I asked you to come in, not stand at the door” she said and laughed. ” abi you dey fear Unclad woman” she continued.
I decided to take control of the situation from there.
” Tell me what it is, i can hear you from here” i said.
” I need you to massage my back with this sponge,, she said as she strectched her hand to give me a sponge.
” i, i, i, cant do that, Matthew will be”
”Matthew will not find out unless you tell him,, she interrupted me.

  • What was happening*

I staggered into the bathroom and took the sponge.

I was in a dilemma. If i refused to do her this favour, i could have managed to make an eneymy under the same roof, if i did it, i could get in trouble with Matthew if he finf out.
I was already in the situation and there was no way out, so i started rubbing her back with the sponge.

She eventually turned around and faced me with beautifully crafted bosoms. King David would have sent Matthew to the war front to be killed just to take Nnenna from him if it was during his era.
I didnt wait for the invitation to rub the bosoms. It was part of her body. I had massaged and rubbed her back down to her buttockks and as far as i was concerned, the difference between the buttoocks and the brreasst wasnt much.
I massgaed the brreaasts with the sponge while she closed her eyes.
Somehow i managed to drop the sponge and started the massaging with my bared hands. My joystick was already bulging from my jean pants and was so visible that there was no hiding place. She threw water at me and pulled me close to her body. Then she planted a kiss on my lips and i lost every sense of control and reasoning.
She bent down and unzipped my shorts, then pulled them down to reveal a huge Joystick dangling and ready to commit offence. I stroked her hair while she succked on my JT. The warmth from her mouth played some tricks on my cold joystick as i traced my hands down to grab her brrreasts and squeeze them. I was moaning and so was she as we both played out a non scripted movie inside the bathroom of our host who happened to go to work.
She suddenly stood up and dragged me to the wall of the bathroom. Then she raised her left leg which i grabbed with my right hand. Her open red cunnnt looked at me like the Thor’s hammer in the movie ‘SG-1’.
I moved closer and dipped my hard joystick into the open gates and fvcked like i never did before.
She shouted with pleasure while i fvcked her. When we got tired of that style, i put her leg down and turned her around. She bent over with both hands on the floor while her a.rse pointed upwards at an angle that allowed me to probe through her openings easily. I parted her robust buttocks and dipped two fingers into her open cunnt. She moaned out loudly as i twisted my fingers inside of her. The clitorris was downwards and provided easy access for my fingers, so i brushed it every now and then until she begged me to fvck her again. I answered her prayers as i stood erect and pushed my hard diicck into her wet cunnnt again and started pumping.
” Please releases inside me” i heard but i pretended not to.

  • why in the world would she want me to release inside her?’ i guess she wanted a baby and i was right as that was the only way the German Immigration Authorities can allow you to stay in their country beyond your student visa*
    The pleasure coming from the sexxx couldnt allow me to think properly about why she wanted my spermm.
    A few pumps later and the spermzz was ready to come out, so i pulled my Joystick from her and released them on the floor.

She got up and looked at me.
” i wanted you to release inside of me” she said.
” And i wanted to know why before i do that” i countered.
She kept quiet as we finished up our bath and headed back to the sitting room.
Later on, she explained to me that her visa was going to expire in one year and that if she didnt get pregnant, the Germans will send her back to Nigeria. She told me that Matthew was not her boyfriend. According to her, Matthew was just a guy she wanted to use to get pregnant but he had always insisted on using condom.
As a good samaritan, i took pity on her and released my spermz inside her during our subsequent fvcks. Whether she got pregnant or not, i didnt wait to find out as i later moved to asylum camp somewhere near Poland border town of Cottbus.

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