The Beginning


After my sexcapade with Miss Nnenna Dorothy Nwabueze, we sat down to chat in the living room. She told me how she had come to Deustchland. (Germany is called Deustchland over there). Her parents were some kind of rich people who lived in Victoria Island. They had sent her to study engineering in Essen, a big city near koln (cologne). She lived alone in Essen which is 20 minutes train ride to Oberhausen where we were at that time.
She is a beautiful girl and charcoal black in complexion.
During our chat, she had told me that she wanted a baby to make her get Mothershaft, a kind of resident permit to live in Germany.
I had thought about her proposal of getting her pregnant and had no decission on it yet.
Hell, i had just arrived in Germany and i had not even called back home to tell them that i reached my destination
The thought woke me out of my silly dellusion.
I stood up and asked Nnenna to escort me outside to make some calls to Nigeria and Ghana.
She excused herself and went inside the room to make up.
I opened my bag and took 100 euro bill from it and seached for my passport, it was nowhere to be found. I recalled that Matthew had taken it from me to keep. Then it occoured to me that it actually belonged to him. I told Nnenna and she told me not to be afraid. She said i could always tell the police that i was from Liberia and that i was missing for long, that i didnt even know how i got to Germany. It was all funny but it was better than nothing.
We went outside to the business district of the city.
I called my elder brother who was already getting worried. I told him to spread the news down to my parents. Then i called Efuah Kuffor in Ghana.
She started crying when she heard my voice. She told me that her mom said she should forget about me now that i had traveled to Europe. Her reasons was that i was definitely going to marry a white lady.
We spoke for a few minutes and i promised to call her again when i got a phone.
Then i made few more calls to some girls in Nigeria, Chinwe, Azuka etc and hung up.
Nnenna took me to a center where Igbo boys gather every evening to joke and drink.
I just kept quiet and listened for a few minutes. It was getting dark, so we left for home.
We got home around 8pm. Then Nnenna called Matthew and confirmed that he will come back in the morning. The phone was on speakout.
Matthew asked about me and was told i was sleeping. He laughed and asked Nnenna to wake me up and give me the phone. I changed my voice and spoke like i just woke up. He asked how i was doing and if Nnenna gave me food blablabla. (Nnenna actually gave me food, not just the food of mouth but of Cuuunt). He said he will come back around 6am and hung up.

I and Nnenna laughed but my laughter was cut short by a kiss from Nnenna’s red lips. I didnt care about the lipsticks as i licked everything on my way to her tongue. We held each other and kissed and caressed and squeezed and massaged until my joystick reminded me that it was still part of the set up. I shifted a bit and removed her red gown totally.
I carried her to the bigger seat and made her lie down on her back. Then i spread her legs and burried my head inside her cunnt. She moaned as i licked and teased her red cunnt with my tongue. She held my head tight and encouraged me by pushing it harder into the Vshape. About five minutes into the licking, she climaxed and lay on the seat powerless. I dipped two fingers into the well shaven cuunt and hit the clitorris on my way in, then i twisted my fingers severally inside of her before brusshing past the clitts again on my way out. She had started twisting herself again, moaning out my name in a sexy way; ”oh zibi, you are killing me”.
I continued my adventure pretending not to hear the ”killing me” part. I didnt want to be charged with a murder rap on my first day in Germany, so i stood up beside her and smiled. She got up and unzipped my trouser. My standing dicked jumped out as if we had been locking it inside the made-in-China jean against its wishes.
She grabbed it and started squeezing it inside her mouth. I stood there like a zombie watching her play every tricks in the book with my JT. It was a lovely experience as i moaned out loudly and forgot that i was in another man’s living room, fvcking his girlfriend in his absense.

*My mind drifted away into Heaven where i had a hard time entering through the pearly gates. St Peter was there with the same Sword he used in cutting out the ear of one of those Gentiles who wanted to crucify his Oga at the top. I greeted him nonchalantly as he opened the book of life to check if my name was among those scheduled to go into Heaven.
” What did you say your name was again” he asked.
” Zuby” i stammered.
” Your name no dey here” he shouted as he reached for that rusted sword. I took to my heels and it was only when i hit my head on the wall that i returned back inside Matthew’s sitting room, back to Nnenna and back to the cold weather of Europe.
Nnenna had just finished sucking my joystick and led me into the bedroom.
”dont forget to release inside me” she said as she lay down on the blue dressed kingsize bed. I climbed on top of her and in one sweet move, i entered inside her…
We fvcked each other in the bed room for many minutes before i climaxed and busted my white thick hot cream inside of her. She held my my ars.e with her legs until every drop of the incoming sperm entered inside her. Then she smiled and said that she would want her son to threat women like me when he grew up.
”Your son?” i asked.
”the one you just gave me” she smiled.

We remained in bed for over an hour and later got up to go to the sitting room.
As i turned to go, my eyes caught a small stain on the bed sheet. It was a drop of a sperm. How it got out and where it escaped from was a surprise to me. Matthew was definitely going to find out what we did if we did nothing about it. I called her attention to it. She gathered the sheets and took them to the store room where the laundry washing machine was located. She put it inside the machine and pressed some buttons as i stood Unclad behind her and watched. The machine started turning slowly and fast and faster. She later told me what it was as we took our bath under the steam shower amidst more kisses and squeezing of oranges etc.
At about 12am, we finished drinking our orange juice and she announced that she was going to sleep in the room. It was a one-room apartment so i had to sleep in the sitting room.

”griiim griim griim” and i woke up with a start. Who could be ringing a doorbell as early as 2am? It was Matthew. I pretended not to have heard the bell anyway as i heard the room door opened and Nnenna opened the Passage door for him. He was pretty cold as he went straight to the kitchen to plug the electric kettle on the electric to make coffee. They talked for a while and Nnenna went back to the room pretending to have been sleeping since 6pm the previous day. Matthew did not come into the sitting room as he feard he could wake me up, not knowing that i was awake.
Around 7am, i went to the bathroom to pee. Nnenna was already in the kitchen baking god-knows what. I ignored her and went back to the palour. She joined me 10 minutes later and sat a considerable distance away from me as if i was a plague. We occassionaly cast eyes upon each other but no talking.
The German ZDF TV was Telling us how the weather was going to be that day across Germany.
I went into the kitchen and brought a can of beer.
”N’ututu a ka ichoro inu beer” Nnenna said. I ignored her and opened the beer, took a deep sip and put it on the table.
”My man, e be like say you dey like beer” a voice said coming into the palour. It was Matthew.
” Good morning” i greeted.
He reponded and said something about the beer again.
” I had been bored since yesterday doing nothing, so make i zap one beer first so that my head go clear today” i said.
He laughhed as he told me that he will have a one week leave in three days time and will take me out to meet people.
Another three days alone with Nnenna, she was surely going to get pregnant
” No wahala” i managed to say ignoring Nnenna.
” I no go follow una go” Nnenna chipped in. I kept quiet as Matthew told her that it was going to be boys runz but that we could attach her to our plan if she would make Chapatti for him.
(Chapatti is an Eastern African food made with plantain. I think it originated from Kenya or Uganda as i learnt from my Ugandan Girl Agnes
in Potsdam later on…. We will come to that later )

She agreed to make the food with laughter and we started talking until it was time for Matthew to leave house again.

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