The Beginning


Matthew left for work after midday and it was me and Nnenna all alone in the same house again. The atmosphere was awkward initially but after a few cans of becks beer, we got fired up and got talking. Her plan was to ditch matthew when she got pregnant. I didn’t see how that was my concern until she said I was going to stay with her when she had the baby. I was alerted because I couldn’t see the difference between a married man and her proposal. I played to her tune and agreed to the devilish plan. I was new in town and didn’t know anywhere to go.
I had given my elder Brother the phone number of Nnenna to reach me if he wanted to.
Her phone rang and it was my brother. He asked how I was doing etc. Then he gave me a number of Afam, my town guy who traveled to Germany in 1999.
I called Afam later and he agreed to come to Oberhausen where I was. He lived in Essen Delvig, twenty five minutes away from where I was.
The Muscato champaigne Nnenna took must have gotten to her because she rose from her seat and came to sit on me.
” Ada, what exactly do you think I am going to be doing in this country” I asked as I fondled her bosoms.
” You go first of all , go chop Aduro” she said.
Aduro I later learnt, was a nickname for Asylum
She explained that the polizei, (german name for Police) will eventually catch me if I didn’t. She explained the procedures.
How I was going to visit an asylum camp and declare myself. Then they will send me to a bigger camp after clearance and I could spend anything from one to three months during the whole process depending on how lucky I was.
It sounded scary and fun at the same time. After the lecture, she went into the room and came out with her laptop.
It was a wonderful piece of technology since that was my first time. Hell, it even had a CD input mechanisms. She laid it on the table and put one CD in it. Then a Unclad woman showed on the screen. It was a Indecency movie. We watched in silence for a few moments. She forwarded the movie and stopped when the woman was on top of the man.
The man was lying Unclad on his back while the lady was on top. The lady was sitting on the Joystick, facing the man’s legs while the man was facing her back. She was moving her heaps from left to right to front and backā€¦ I got hard on. She smiled and said we were going to do that style.
”when” I asked
”now” she said.
” no problem” I said as I smiled.

I wanted to initiate this very attack, so I got up and kissed her fully on the lips. She responded and held my back. The laptop movie had stopped and our own live movie was about to start.
The blue gown she was wearing was that type that you can easily pull up. I pulled it up and traced my hand to her smooth laps. I caressed her laps severally and found my way to the promise land. She had no underwear on and I wondered when she removed it. It must have been when she went to get the laptop but that was not the time to think. It was time to commit something.
I pulled the gown totally over her head and exposed two well crafted bosoms. My attention got diverted from the honey pot to the two sweet oranges which was bumping up and down from our little shuffling. My mouth grabbed one of them instantly and I sucked away in ecstasy. The moaning coming from her was even sweeter than the sucking.
” I love you baby” she hissed as I squeezed one bosoms and sucked on one.
The beer effect was doing a great job. One of her hands was rubbing my Joystick and the sensation was immeasurable. We continued until when she can’t have it any more. Her cunnt was already dripping out some sweet lubricants. It was so sweet to look at it.
I traced my mouth through her tummy to the mound of her veggee and stopped. We had not taken our bath that morning and I never licked unwashed puussies.
I slipped my finger inside her cunnt and she screamed as I grabbed her cliitoris. Her was vibrating like Nokia 3310 which the owner has refused to pick.

Finally it was time for action as I stood up and removed my short pants. My Joystick nodded like agama lizard sitting on a fence.
It was an easy entry into Heaven this time since nobody was at the gate.
We fvcked for many minutes until we both climaxed and she got the full dose of my spermss.
”thanks” she said and smiled as I pulled out my digger and went straight to the bathroom.
She joined me in the bathroom later. After our bath, she bent down and started sucking my again. I wanted to protest but the pleasure had gotten the better of me, so I just flowed with the tide. I held her hair tightly as she sucked and sucked.
” we didn’t do that style on the movie again” I said. She ignored me and continued her job down the stream. When she was done sucking, I raised her up on my body and slipped my Joystick inside the wet cunnt again. She circled her legs around my waist and circled her hands around my neck. I was carrying her entire weight but the pleasure compensated for the job. About two minutes later, I got tired of that style and put her down. She bent on all four as I hit her from behind this time. My back was on the wall as she pushed in and out of my Joystick all by herself. She must have noticed my heavy breath from the previous style and decided to help out.
She pumped in and out until I released again inside her. We cleaned up and as soon as we were out of the bathroom, the doorbell rang..

The polizei officers were three males and one female.
They had come to search for what I couldn’t figure out. They had opened the door to the stairs and had walked up to our door before ringing the bell. They were looking for Mr Matthew for whatever reasons.

Our door bell had beeped ten minutes earlier. Nnenna had asked who it was in a strange language and they had answered polizei. They flashed four badges at once and asked for Matthew.
He went for arbeit. (arbeit means ”job” or ‘work’).
They flashed a warrant for search and two of them moved into the room. I sat in the parlour like a statue trying so hard to breath.
One of them asked Nnenna some questions while looking at me. She told them I was her fellow student at one University in Essen. I smiled for the picture as if I knew what they were talking about and continued pressing the laptop keyboard.
Ten minutes later, they wrote some notes and left it on the table, then they left.

It was when they left that I realised that I was nearly deported. All the polizei had to ask for was my passport. That would have been a one way ticket to Lagos. I was still a little religious then, so I blamed the near-repatriation experience on what was going on between me and Nnenna.

At about 6pm in the evening, we strolled back into the city center I had an appointment with Afam, the guy from my town who traveled to Germany since 1999.
When we met at the city center in Oberhausen, we hugged and exchanged greetings. He was happy to see me. We told Nnenna to go back home alone and Afam took me to Essen. We visited a Nigeria bar where people were drinking and shouting as usual. There was a Champion’s league football that night.
It was at the Bar that I met Victor Ikpeba. I think he was playing for a German club or so then. He had drove in on a Mercedes ML class with a white lady. We all greeted the prince of Monaco as he ordered drinks for everyone.
I was quiet most of the time since I considered myself not good enough for whatever discussion that came up. Later in the evening, Afam took me to a Camerounian lady who was to teach me what to say to the asylum officials at the camp.
She taught me how to approach the camp in the first place which was the most dangerous. She said that the Police usually laid ambush on the way to the camp and if they caught you before you get to the camp gates, you could be deported.

According to the female Camerounian tutor, I was to become a Camerounian in Germany. My family name was to become Ebot and I had come from Bansou in Bamenda, North-West province of Cameroun.
It was a sweet story. After the lecture, I gave her 100 Euros and left. Afam took me back to Oberhausen and to my Nnenna who was waiting impatiently for me.
She gave us some chicken when we came and after the food, Afam left with my 2000 euros. It was the money I came with as my BTA or whatever they called it. I had given it to him to keep for me since I was going to camp the following morning.
I had not told Nnenna that I was leaving for camp in the morning, I figured out she didn’t need to be told. I was going to make the Night memorable for her and I did.

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