Season 1: There And Back On Time


About 6pm, we went for our dinner. After that Agnes invited me to the ladies Hostel which I declined. I was afraid of John Group Inc. They could track me to the female hostel and report to the authorities, so I wasn’t going to take chances from then on.
We sat outside under a tree and talked. She told me everything about her. She was a Ugandan, fresh out of the University and wanted to explore the planet earth just like me. A politician boy friend of hers had sent her to Germany with a promise to come later and marry her over there in Germany. Four months of waiting had seen her finish all the money she had and the money from home had stopped coming. The phone number of the politician had stopped going and rumour had it that he had been thrown into the prison by President Yoweri Museveni.
She had been advised by well wishers to get asylum in order not to be deported.

In my own part, I was the son of a powerful Rebel chief in Nigeria. The government was after my Dad, so we, the children had been sneaked into Europe through a diplomatic channel. My elder brother preferred London while I was brought to Germany.

It was getting dark and we had been sitting there for an hour and half. When it was time to go, Agnes kissed me. It was a sweet kiss, different from all other kisses I ever had. She had big soft lips which makes the kisses feel like you were actually kissing her veggee. She said she was falling in love with me and that she was so relaxed with me and she found me intelligent and warm. All the attributes that was lacking in John, the arrogant bighead.
I kissed her back and she placed her head on my shoulders. She was really falling in love, I thought.
Nobody could see us clearly from anywhere, so I slipped my hand inside her warm clothes. Her soft standing breastss welcomed me. I squeezed them slowly and prayed that the clock and time stood still but the damn time was running at the rate of 60 seconds per minute. Agnes was wearing a jean trousers with a pullover. It was heading to mid-august and the weather had started getting cold. My squeezes and kisses was keeping her warm. I playfully strolled my hand down to her vegeena, the zipper was still closed, so I just rubbed the top of it until she started getting excited.
” we can’t do it here” she said’
” I know” I replied calmly like the cool-headed, calm guy I had suddenly turned into.
”Lets do it in your room tomorrow” I suggested.
She was in no mood to disagree, so she just nodded and we stood up.
I walked her to the door of her hostel and walked all alone back to male hostel. On my way back, I reflected on the events of the evening.
Agnes was a sweet girl; Her soft bosoms, her kisses and the warm vegeena that I had touched pointed to that direction.

This was what John Bighead was trying to claim alone

These Imo people with greediness (sarcasm; no disrespect to Imolites).

John and his group was sitting outside when I returned.
” Na woman go kill you for this Europe” one of them said. It was a sound of defeat from them. I had won. Solomon 1 : John group 0.
Surprisingly to them, I joined them up. The one called Joshua was first to speak.
” Nwanne ihe imere adighi nma” he said.
” what did I do” I asked.
” It was a case of calling me aside and telling me that Agnes was his girlfriend, I could have forgotten about her” I said knowing it was a lie myself.
”He caused the whole problem, he came to her room and started shouting, women hate that” I continued.
(I was doing a good job at avoiding mentioning John’s name. I just used ‘his’ and ‘him’)
” There is nothing between us, the girl just liked me” I said again.
John was fumming as usual but there was nothing he could do. The evening ended in war songs between again.
When I got to my room, it was empty as usual. I couldn’t sleep there alone. The big head could come to strangle me in the night. So I went to the entertainment hall where there was a single television for every member of the Camp. It was weekend and some sports was showing. The Arabs had taken control of the remote control and all the other people just have to watch the programme they chose. There was a long chair at the back, so I settled unit and slept amidst noises coming from the TV and its watchers. I woke up around 2am and went to my room. I figured the bighead must have gotten tired of checking on me.I locked the door and slept again.

The following morning after breakfast, I went back to the admin blocks to get my interview date. It was two weeks away. That gave me enough time to perfect my lies.
Around 9am, I was bored. I went to the field to play football. The two soccer balls were occupied by the blacks and the Arabs respectively.
Joining the Arabs was out of question since we still considered them security threat after New York 9-11 2001 bombings.
The other ball was occupied by John and his squad. There was no need going to ask them if I could play, those guys may have been planning on how to harm me.
I left them and went to the ladies hostel. Agnes was cooking when I came. I joined her in the ladies kitchen and made jokes while she cooked. The whole girls in the kitchen laughed at my jokes.
There was one particular one who laughed harder than others. They called her Melinda, she was South African. The most beautiful of the lot. She looked and behaved like a model, but the reality was that we were all in Aduro (asylum) Camp.. Melinda was interested in me, I could tell by the way she laughed even when I made dry jokes.
At a time, Agnes left the kitchen to get something and by the time she was back, Melinda was standing beside me, telling me how Johannesburg was better than Germany and Lagos etc. As soon as Agnes finished her cooking, she dragged me out of the kitchen into her room. She warned me about Melinda and how rumour had it that she snatches boyfriends.

I wanted to be snatched anyway
One thing I have observed was that if you try or struggle hard to get a woman, you will most likely lose the fight to people who are relaxed about it

Agnes’ warning to stay away from Melinda made me went closer to Melinda. I wanted to find out the art of Boyfriend snatching. It was going to be a nice experience since I was going to be the object of snatching.

We ate food in Agnes’ room in silence. My parents had warned me not to talk while eating. So I used that opportunity to think about the forthcoming war of Boyfriend snatching between Agnes and Melinda.
My mind wondered how I was going to be the point of talking, how John and Sons Inc will bow for me, how I was going to be the new camp celebrity out of nowhere etc.
‘You are not talking’ Agnes said and brought me back to Camp from that wonderful thoughts.
‘my parents warned me not to talk while eating’ I said out of nothing else to say.
She laughed and said she was told the same thing when she was a kid.
When we finished eating, she took the plates to the kitchen and washed them. While she was in the kitchen, I planned on how to make my move. I wanted to get to her pants before the Melinda war began since I was sure it was going to happen.
My job was made easier for me because Agnes, the beautiful black Kampalan girl locked her door as soon as she came into the room and started those wonderful kisses again. The pleasure was heavenly. The devilish thought of getting beyond those wonderful was even better.
She pushed me down to the bed on my back and unbuttoned my shirt.

It was even going to be faster than I had thought. I guess the little close chat with Melinda had brought out the sharpness in Agnes

Before I knew what was happening, I was almost naaked. My boxers, which was the only remaining piece of cloth on my body had an opening in front of it. It meant that even if she didn’t pull it out completely, I could still fvck while having It on.
She dipped her hand inside the front gate of my boxers and brought my already misbehaving out in the open.
Her mouth took over instantly as I lay back and drifted to heaven.
*My eyes was closed as I approached the heaven gate. St. Peter was there as usual with that rotten swored he used while on earth. It was difficult to sneak in since the gate was closed, so I greeted him.
‘Oga Pelosky, how is work’ I said.

”My brother, people don’t come to Heaven again ooh, they are all going to hell these days” he answered me.
‘Why’s I asked’
” too much sins, people indulge in SEXXX before marriage and even snatch other people’s girlfriends” he said.
”I think you and the heaven senate should remove that very line from the list of sins” I suggested.
” Girlfriend snatching shouldn’t be seen as sin” I continued.
He looked at me and recognized my face instantly. I had been to that place before. As soon as he reached for that dangerous rotten sword, I sprinted like Hussain Bolt in a 100m race and ran for my life*

Hot Spermss coming out of my had brought me back from the Peter encounter.
Agnes had sucked and rubbed my until I busted. It was a very good thing that I busted before the main action because it took over 30 Minutes before I released during the main action but that will be the next update.

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