The Beginning

4: Fallen Faith

She led me to a room with a bed, a single window and a bathroom. She asked me to have a seat while she went to the bedroom. I was nervous and it led me to my first mistake.
” can i take a bath in your bathroom” i asked. She looked at me like a person who stole a Nokia 3310.
” You think say you come to live with me here abi” she fired at me.
Then i decided that it would be better to just keep quiet and i did. She came out a minute later with a park of condom.

so this is going to happen-

My mind was racing up and down. I instantly recalled the last time i had sexxxxx. It was over one year ago and i couldn’t remember if i enjoyed it or not.
It was with Agnes, my first girl friend. Agnes was from my village. She liked me a lot then because i was the most brilliant boy among all our age mates. She was a tall slim dark beautiful girl who loved to dress like boys. She had more jean trousers than all the boys in the village. Always smiling and willing to give me anything i asked as long as i didn’t leave her for other girls that was after me.

The sight of Unclad b-rea-sts jolted me out of my reverie. My instincts told me that it was time for action. I stood up and started removing my shirt. I started with the shirt because i thought that it was not appropriate to remove my trousers and dangle my JT while removing my shirt.
After the shirt, i sat on the bed beside her trying to figure out the next thing to do.
” I love you” i blurted out of nowhere. She cast an indifferent look at me and asked me to repeat what i said.
” Do you know me” she asked.
I had no answer to that question.
She just looked at me and laughed. She must have noticed that i was nervous since she grabbed my belt and started unhooking it. She removed my trousers and started rubbing my already hard Diiick. She opened a condom and inserted it perfectly on my Joystick. I stared like a japanese robot while she worked on me for another minute. When she lied on the bed facing the ceiling, i didnt need a prophet to tell me it was time for action.
” You are going to burn in hell” my religious mind said.
”There is no hell” my other half of mind countered.
Whether there was hell or not, it was not the place to think about it. The damage had already been done since i had seen a beautifully shaved cu,,nt staring at me.

The only thing that occupied my mind as i mounted her was that as a catholic, i can always go for confessions.

I climbed on top of her as she guided my JT into the lubricated veegynaa. I pumped into her as she moaned with pleasure. ” fcukk mee” she retorted over and over as i brushed my JT against the four corners of her honey pot. She clutched on my waist as she climaxed while i kept pumping.
” bros you no wan release” she asked as i maintained my momentum like Manchester united over Chelsea.
I came two minutes later. She collected some tissue papers and removed the condom from my diiiick.

The blame war game started all over again between my religious mind and the other half as i counted 700 naira from my pocket. I told her she was a sweet girl and that i will be there the following week.

Chike was waiting for me downstairs when i came down. We had a few more drinks and chats with the girls and left to prepare for our smuggle job.

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