Season 1: There And Back On Time


After bringing my hot creams out joystick my Joystick through sucking, I cleaned myself up with my boxers and threw it down on the floor.
She was still all over me, trying to raise the JT from sleep again. It took a few minutes for her to finally get it back to functioning mode. I was working on her pullover and trousers while she raised the JT again. By the time I was up and running again, her clothes were already piled on top of each other on the floor. Her perfectly shaven heap of cunnt mounted between her legs like an anthill on a flat land. The opening of her vegeena was black and its mouth resembled the mouth of a baby,s feeding bottle.
It was difficult to see its inner wall. I almost wondered if my JT could be able to penetrate it since I couldn’t see its opening properly but I was wrong.
As soon as the tip of my JT touched the mouth of her cunnt, it opened up on its own like an automated lift door.
My entrance into her was the most memorable in recent time as it was smooth, slippery and at the same time, holding my JT from speedy entrance. I was in a World of my own pleasure as I slowly started the back and forth journey into her honey pot.
She held my back while I twisted my waist North – West – South and East.
I gradually increased the tempo of my thrusting and it aligned with her own gradual input.
She was an expert, almost unlike any woman I had fvcked.
Did this girl say that her politician boyfriend was thrown into prison. He should remain there for now. Good job Museveni

About five minutes into the action, she pushed me aside and mounted on top of me. It was her turn to ride me while I laid on my back trying hard to suppress the soft sounds coming out of my mouth. She was a professional and I wondered where she had learnt that. She kept twisting her waist in a circled manner and I almost let out a loud moan.
The walls of the rooms in the female hostel was demacated with wooden and fibre materials. It was easy to hear the voices of people chatting in the neighbouring rooms, so I was forced to hold back my imminent moaning.
When she got tired, she climbed down on the single bed and dragged me up as she bent down and held the edge of the single wooden bed in the room.
Her cunnt protruded from behind like a 4-month old pregnancy. This time, I could see the opening of her cunnt clearly and the walls were a mixture of red and brown; dark-red if i must give it one name.
It was impossible to look twice over it as my JT dragged me into the opening gates and she started jacking her back and forth instantly. I stood in one place holding her big while she pumped away. She climaxed and poured some creams all over my JT, it made the movements smoother. I attempted practicing what I had seen in a pornn movie by slapping the Unclad now and again as it vibrated while my JT was inside. I was in cloud 9, out of this World. Since the Spermss had refused to come out early, I laid her back on the bed and raised the left leg high in a vertical manner. The soft vegeena opened up helplessly. I digged in again pumping with fury as I hoped that the Spermss will burst out by force. I was getting tired but my hot creams wasn’t anywhere near coming. She was enjoying it more than me but that was the idea; atleast for this first time. We fvcked for over half hour before the sensational incoming Spermss jolted me back into super pleasure.
As the Spermss got to the tip of my JT, I pulled out and poured on the floor and on top of her clothes.
She laid on the bed for several minutes while I stood Unclad in front of table drinking water after water.
When she recovered, she got up and cleaned the floor and arranged the clothes.
When I bent down to take my boxers from the floor, she took it and offered to wash it for me. I didn’t object since I knew that I was coming to her room to take it another day; to me, that meant another adventure into that honey pot.
I drank over two litres of water before I recovered fully. It was a hot marathon sexx. By the time we had settled down to chat, the lunch bell reminded us that the Bundes Government of Germany was still responsible for our feeding, so we headed outside.
As usual, she was holding my hand; swinging it like we had known each other for decades.
John, the big head had a way of popping out of nowhere each time I was with Agnes. He managed to emerged from a tree near the fence of the deportation Camp; that was an area we all feared. Whatever he was doing there, only him knows. He stared at us with so much anger in his eyes. He somehow knew what we had done. I suspected he was at the door and listened when we were at it.
When we got to the dinning hall, Joshua approached us. He smiled and asked Agnes if she could get Melinda, the South African Model for her.
I guessed the John group had disbanded
It wasn’t my business but I was angry inside. Melinda was the second on my list inside the Camp. This Joshua of a guy should respect himself and go for Melinda himself, not coming to ask Agnes.

”Why don’t you approach her yourself” Agnes had asked Joshua.
I kept quiet the whole time, nibbling on the KATTOFELN salad we were served. (KATTOFELN means Potato in German).

After the lunch, Agnes took me outside again. We went to a small library in the center of the town and booted up a windows computer. It was my first time of touching that wonderful piece of technology.
She opened an email address for me even though I didn’t know what it was meant for. She tried to teach me somethings I couldn’t seem to comprehend at all.
Inside the library, we met Joan, a Kenyan single mother who was in camp as well. She was a lovely sweet girl, probably 20 or so.
She kept staring at me or us through our stay in the library. Her little boy was running around everywhere. I later picked the kid up and gave it to her mom. She thanked me and said she was going back to Camp..
We were going back too, so we all went outside.
I mentally made Joan the number 3 on my list of to-do-in-Camp…. There was nothing else to do in camp anyway except wait for your interview date.
On our way to the camp, I spotted a phone boot and excused my self. I asked them to return to camp and that I would meet them As soon as possible. I wanted to call Africa; Efuah in Ghana, my brother in Onitsha, etc.
I put 4 Euro coins in the booth and dialed
+23324*. After a few seconds, Efuah’s voice came online.
‘ hi Sweetheart” I said. She started ranting and accusing me of not wanting to give her my number.
The truth was I had not gotten a phone then. Mobile phones were not allowed in camp. I told her all that and calmed her down. I promised her that camping will be over in a month time and we will be talking all night as soon as I got a phone.
I cut the line and dialed Nigeria, as soon as my brother picked his phone, someone tugged on the coller of my pullover and pulled me out of the booth.
It was John, the Bighead.

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