The Beginning

5: My Car My Girl

With the help of two hired drivers, we crossed the border into the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It took us about 30 Minutes as we had to stop at custom checkpoints to show them the card we got from their office. We busted out at a small town called Owode somewhere along the Sango-Idioroko road. We had to stop there as we saw numerous other tokunbo vehicles crossed from Benin Republic that night.
Owode was like a rendezvous point for the smugglers.
”Since we paid clearance and custom duties, why did we have to go through the bush” i asked Chike.
” The cars that uses the bush path are the cars that are ten years old or more” he said as he educated me on the Federal Government laws on Tokunbo vehicles, cloths, tyres etc. We waited at Owode as more cars came out of the bush like rabbits coming out of their underground holes. We relaxed the in the front car seats and laid on them as time heads towards dawn. Around 5am, it was time to start moving again. Some of the cars had left already.
We waited until some guy i had never seen before, came and gave us some forged documents for our vehicles. The documents were of the the two vehicles we purchased with their Engine and Chassiss numbers written on them. The surprise package yet was that this new documents shows that we cleared our vehicles at the Apapa wharf of Lagos Nigeria. Chike explained that we will need that since we were going down to Onitsha to sell the cars. We left Owode aroud half past 6am and moved towards Sango. We arrived Lagos later and headed towards Ojota and Lagos Ibadan Express route.
During our drive to Lagos, we encountered a few more police check points, army, navy, airforce, boys brigade, boys scout, Man o war etc as each group recieved some more tips from us. At a stage, Chike had to go down and settled them upfront while giving them our vehicle number. Worthy of note here was the fact that the forged documents also came with a fake number plate. Some cops proved sturborn but we eventually made it to Ibadan expessway and the rest of the Journey to Onitsha was smooth except occassional tips here and there.

We arrived at Onitsha that same evening amidst cheers from from our peers and some young ladies who lived in the same street with us. We ate some foods and took one of the cars out for meriment: aftall we just bought two cars. Whether we will sell them or not is our business. After drinks and foods that evening, we took up some girls and headed to a chalet called Royal G In a reserved area called Fizel Estate in Awada Onitsha… We had more drinks and booked our rooms for action.
Worthy to note here again was that the girl i picked up had been on my most wanted list for a long time. She has always snubbed me, claiming one thing or the other for a reason BUT things were different on that very day. I just bought my first car and i had not announced that it was for sale.
Our romance started as we hit our room. This time, i inititated the attack. It must have been the alcohol coupled with some confidence derived from buying a car. Her name was Azuka, the most beautiful girl in the street; atleast to my own eyes. they sell liquor along the street and guys frequent their shop just because of her. I was one of them.

I started by kissing her hands, i got no slap or scolding so i extended the kiss to her neck as she gave me a welcome onboard smile.Then i kissed her lips which was the original target all those while. She responded.

  • Money has a way of bending the rules since time immemorial*

We hugged and kissed and caressed. Later we laid on the single bed with white clean sheets and two pillows. She asked if i would marry her when she finished school.

where did that come from for christsake

”Yes ofcourse, i will marry you” i blurted out unconvincingly. How can any sane man refuse to marry her date at a dangerous time like that? she smiled as she reminded me that men can promise anything just to get into a woman’s pant.

Thank god she knew that

I brushed my hand past her beautifully packed bre*sts. She did not beat or remove my hand. I touched them again, this time pressing them harder as she moaned inaudibly. I removed the Tshirt from her body and unhooked her bra.
I sucked the br3asts as she twists all over the bed. I slipped my right hand between her laps as she kept twisting her body and kissed my lips amateurly. I remembered that we were given just an hour to round up otherwise we pay more money for the room. That didnt bother me anyway, i just bought a car; what effect was a 400 naira per hour room going to have on my money.
I touched her pants and started removing them while my mouth played ludo with her two pointed arsenals. my diiick was already hard as i fumbled to remove my trousers.

Condom! No condom

What! Now of all time. How come Chike didnt cover that part. I was torn between fck*ing her with or without condom as my mind raced through the dangers of not using condom. I wasnt scared of contracting any disease. I was more afraid of getting her pregnant.

If she gets pregnant, run to Lagos and dont return until after nine months, my mind told me

  • go out and look for condom- the other mind said*

Dont worry she wont get pregnant- another mind concluded

Eventually i did what almost every naive young man would do. I drove into Azuka without tyres and hoped for the best to happen. It was a memorable evening.
After the show, she insisted that we drove them back to their shop, i guessed they wanted to show off their new boyfriends who just bought two cars.
As we packed in front of their house, a woman came from behind and grabbed my shirt while shouting; ” Where did you go with my daughter” ” you will marry her today”
The whole alcohol in my system vanished like a disappearing Rainbow…
Some small crowd started to gather while Azuka sobbed…
I slapped off her hands on my shirt and bolted like Hussain Bolt out of her reach…

  • Chike can own the cars for now as i disappeared from the vicinity down to my building where my elder brother was eagerly waiting for me to give me advice on how to save money..

My car and my girl

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