The Beginning

6: Millionaire at 21

The Cotonou trips continued. Sometimes we sold our cars at Ladipo market in Lagos and head back to Cotonou. Sometimes we crossed through Seme borders while going to Cotonou but we used the Idiroko border for crossing the vehicles.
I returned home one Christmas and was invited by the richest man in our community. He told me that he heard i deal on tokunbo cars from Cotonou and i nodded in affirmative. He told me that he wanted to start a car dealership center in Enugu and that he would want to work with me. He gave me the first assignment which was to buy two Mercedes 190 from Cotonou and bring them down to the east. He paid over 90% of the total value before i set out for Cotonou. Chike was surprised when he saw me paying for two Benz cars.
We had divided our company two months ealier since we had enough money to buy four cars Once. My total capital had increased to over 800,000 naira and i was only 21. That was in 2001.
During that very trip to cotonou, i bought four vehicles. Two peugeot 505 and two mercedes 1990. I cleared them as usual and drove them down to east. You could imagine the looks on the faces of our street people when i came down with four cars. Half of the street came to have a touch and feel of four tokunbo first class vehicles packed together in front of our four story building. I went down to the Nitel call center at upper iweka Onitsha and called Mr Okey (we called him Nippon), the man who gave me money to buy the benz cars. I told him that the cars were in onitsha and that i was owing someone some money. I made him gave me the balance of the cars before taking them to Coal city the following morning.
Chike had sold my two peugeots at Mgbuka Obosi before i return back to Onitsha. I lied to him that i made N40,000 out of the two mercedes cars. He demanded that i gave him N10,000 naira out of it which i did.
The total cost of the two benz was about 290,000 naira each while i was given N370,000 for them. I made approximately N150,000 out of them. I added the profit from the Peugeot cars and i made my first million naira.

Millionaire at 21, now that changed my attitude towards everything.
I became the talk of town. Every girl in the street wanted to hang out with me. Azuka, the girl whose mother chased me out of their shop claimed to be the firstlady of the young millionaire while Chinwe, the daughter of the richest man in our street kept making advances. Ironically they were friends.
*How on earth was i supposed to deal with this two extremely beautiful babes ? *
A plan came to my mind and it was a very cute plan.

May 27 2001: the famous childrens day was two days away. I and Chike had planned to visit Nwafor Orizu College of Education Nsugbe to be with Chike’s girlfriend. The plan was that the chic would hook the young millionaire with her friend in school.
On 25th May, i had gone to buy ingredients to make stew since i lived alone with my elder brother in his flat,
i ran into chinwe the daughter of the richest man. She smiled at me and i smiled back. She asked where i would be going on 27th and i told her i was going to Nsugbe with Chike. She said she would like to go with me to Nsugbe. What!.
I suggested that we go to Enugu since i already had a date and she agreed. I told Chike the new developments. He suggested that we go to Nsugbe immidiately and inform her girlfriend so that all of us go to Enugu. I got out my motorcycle Honda C75 and we headed to Nsugbe. Two days later, we headed to Coal city for what tuned out to be one of the most memorable sexxxxx escapades in my Cotonou business career…


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