The Beginning

7: The Enugu Encounter

May 27, Enugu Nigeria: The plan was that we will return back to Onitsha that same day but things changed. I remember May 27 2001 was a rainy Sunday. We had visited the Zoo, the Emene Airport and some other interesting tourist places. We had eaten at the emily resturant where a plate of semo went for 400 naira then. It was expensive but i was a millionaire in the company of a millionaire’s daughter. She actually insisted on paying for all the food we ate, Chike objected since he was forming big boy while i didn’t care. Money was money irrespective of where it came from.

being a millionaire didn’t equate to reckless spending, atleast not in my dictionary

Chike eventually paid the whole money since he wouldnt let my date pay.
I was/am a kind of guy who anticipates every possible situation at all tmes. I had made the Enugu trip with 10,000 naira plus transport money. I had hoped that we cannot use upto half of that money but the following events changed my hope

At about 4 pm while we were getting ready to go back to Onitsha, the heavens opened its gates and heavy rain enveloped the entire South East zone. It poured down heavily for hours to the extent that the coal city stood still. Movements were halted, buses couldn’t load in that conditions. We were still at the emily resturant and we were forced to drink more beers.
I silently prayed for the rain not to stop since i had already known that we were not going anywhere in that condition. The rain eventually stopped at about half past 7pm and by that time, no sane driver would be loading for Onitsha and even if there was a bus going to Onitsha that night, a young millionaire wouldnt risk his beautiful life just to get back to a city that will offer only rice and stew and a bed for that night.
The alternative was better, staying back in Enugu was the best option… Thanks to the gods that my girl’s father had a Nokia cellular line. It wasnt a GSM but it was a mobile gadget. I didnt know how it worked but we went to a business center and called him that night. Her only daugther informed him that she will sleep at her friends place and come back in the morning. She came out with a smile after making the call and i instantly knew that the night will be a memorable night..

We asked around and got a cheap hotel where we paid N1000 per room. Chike and her babe took one room and I took one room with my Chinwe. She was smiling all through the evening and i wondered why.
I took my shower and came back to the room wearing my trousers and shirt. She looked at me and asked if i was going to sleep in those clothes. I said no and started removing them instantly. I was left with only my white singlet and my black boxers. She went into the bathroom to take her own bath.

”Zuby! Zuby’ i heard from the bathroom. I listened carefully to make sure it was my own zuby, then i headed to the bathroom. I knocked at the closed door and i heared ‘come in’.
I went in only to be confronted with two perfectly-pointed and standing handsome bre*asts. I looked at her face, then the breast, then her face and her breast again, deciding to rest my eyes on her breast finally.

-i had seen enough of her face over the years-

She smiled and asked me to come and Rub her back with soap.

  • rub her bare back with soap-

a job i would do for free of charge anyday.
I smiled and grabbed the soad from her hand before she changed her mind. I rubbed her back up and down while she poured water from the bucket on her shoulders with a plastic cup. My JT was already pressing against my boxers. She poured water all over my body with my singlet and boxers still on.

-That was a situation that could have warranted a fight if a male counterpart did that, but it was done by a beautiful tall slim girl-.

I had forgiven her even before she poured the water.

  • we were told to forgive those who sin against us-.
    I stopped rubbing her back and removed my singlet. I left my boxers on as a defense item if she asked why i removed the singlet. She turned and looked at me with a smile.

”You know i love you Zuby” she said with a smile.

Things were getting even better. This was a girl i had always dreamt of, right here in front of me, stark Unclad with a smile on her face

Even if the world was going to end at that moment, nothing would have stopped me from tapping that honey pot.
She stretched her hand and grabbed my standing diiyck and i became helpless. She removed my boxers:
She rubbed it up and down with the soap while i moaned with immense pleasure. She increased the momentum while bending down very close to my Joystick. I held her shoulders as she squeezed the diiick with her smooth right hand. I kept moaning until i busted some white hot yorgurt through my Joystick. She smiled at me, washed off the yorgurt with water and stood up. We completed our bath and headed to the room.

She lay na*ked on the bed while i dried and spread my singlet and boxers on top of the bathroom door. I romantically crawled towards her while she spread her hands to welcome me.

-how could this girl have known how to do all this- girls!

I started caresing and sucking her bare breasts while she wiggled with pleasure. The Tips were so hard that i hard to suck them like a newborn baby. I was a newborn that night.
Here was a girl i admired so much, on my bed, Unclad and asking me to make her happy.
I slipped my right hand down her laps and as soon as i got close to her Veegee…
She halted me and said
” I am still a virgiiin”…

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