The Beginning

8: We Were All Virgins

”A virgin” i managed to repeat what
she said. I could not understand the
next thing to do. I just managed to
conjure a weak smile from my dry
” What about you and George” i
asked. The expression on her face

George was a handsome quiet guy who played in the same football team with me in Onitsha. He was a fine player which endeared him to most young girls in our area.

”George” she managed to say with a
surprise in her eyes.
”i thought you and George are going
out” i fired back.
” i dont know the Georege you are
talking about” she said again while
staring at me.

  • So George was just making mouth all
    those while while we trained for soccer.*

I had to believe that she didnt know
George, what other options do i have?

Things were heading towards the
wrong direction. That was not a time
for Question and Answer. It was a
time to make love. I moved my whole
body upwards and kissed her.
After a few more kisses . I summoned
enough courage to break the nervous
moment hanging in the air.

” so baby girl, what now? I know that
my diick is hard now and i know how
much i want you but i dont want to
break your heart” i managed to say.

She smiled at me and said ” if i didnt
want to do it, i wouldnt be nnaked in
the same bed with you.

Strange enough, Chinwe was one girl i have always placed at the top of my potential life partner list. Would have made my move long ago but busines between Lagos, Cotonuo and Onitsha stood in the way. Not that there was no time to talk to her then but Men naturally have enough courage to approach women when there is so much money. (a million naira was so much money for me.)-

I looked into her eyes and promised
her that i will never leave her. Atleast
‘i believed that was enough to take her
I started inserting my JT into her honey pot but it was so sight. I tried different insertion methods but was unable to penetrate. I was scared she would get hurt if i forced it and i was right. I added a little more pressure to the penetration and gradually increased the pressure. She cried out softly as the whole length of my manhood goes into her. She pleaded with me not to hurt her so much while i kept moving in and out. The cunt had gathered
some liquids whick made my
movements easier but she still cried. I
maintaned the tempo until i came. I
didnt know if she came or not but
when i removed my manhood, there
was some blood stains on it. I avoided
looking at her Cun*t since i was aware
that there must be blood on it as well.
she got up and went into the
bathroom to clean up while i sat at the
edge of the bed recalling the chain of
events that led to both of us staying in
the same room at the same time.
I later cleaned up.
We did it a second time and one more
time in the morning before going back
to Onitsha.
That marked the beginning of my love
affair with Chinwe.
At about 11am on the following
monday morning we arrived in Awada
Onitsha where we lived. Her Father
was standing in front of his building
when the Bike carrying us arrived. He
looked at me with some suspicious
eyes and i instantly believed that he
suspected i was with her only Daughter.

I was right because, the following morning, a knock came on our front door and my elder brother who was on his way out of the house opened it to know who it was.
”Good morning sir” my brother had greeted.
” morning” i heard a voice responded.
A voice i knew so well.
The voice belonged to Papa Chinwe…

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