The Beginning


”Is Azubuike Inside’ i heard from Papa Chinwe.
”Yes, is everything alright” replied my brother.
”Everything is alright, i just want to discuss a few thing with him”. Papa Chnnwe said.

My brother asked him to Come inside the flat and offered him a seat in the palour.
I ran to my room when i heard my brother invite him into our flat.
My mind was racing from the sexxx i had with his daughter to the possiblity of him knowing that and the consequences that could arise from the whole set up. One thing i have learnt was that ugly situations has a way of surfacing from good deeds too.
When the man settled in one of our chairs in the palour, he declined to drink anything. My brother called out to me to come into the palour. I mentally braced myself for whatever was going to happen and went to the palour. I greeted the man as if i didnt know he was in our flat.
He smiled at me and responded. Somehow i relaxed a little bit. I was expecting this multi millionaire to start shouting and accusing me of running away with his daughter.
I was surprised when the man said.. ” Azubuike, my daughter said you deal on tokunbo cars from Cotonou”
The statement was unexpected but i managed to calm myself down before giving him an answer.
”yes sir’ that is what i do” i replied.
” I would want you to buy a pathfinder jeep for my wife in Cotonou” he said.
” How much do you think it will cost” he continued.
My brother was there staring at me as if to say ” quote big price, he has money”

I told him that tokunbo vehicles never had a specific prize but i could get one between 900, 000 naira and 1.2 million.

After trying to beat the price down, we agreed that he will pay a million naira.
He wrote an advanced cheque book of half a million naira and gave to me and left.
My brother took the cheque and examined it, then said something i cant remember.

The following day Chike and I left for Cotonou again. There was no mention of the Pathfinder deal to him until we finished buyiing our own cars. Then i told him that i wanted to buy a pathfinder for someone. He helped ,me locate one in the wharf and we priced it. We bargained and bargained until we eventually got it for about 600,000 naira. The crossing and the clearing gulped another 250,000 naira. overall price of the car when it got to Onitsha stood at almost 900,000 naira.
Mr Richman paid up the remainder of his money and added another N30,000 for me.
The deal also gave me access to their building. They lived in a duplex two blocks down the street from our building.
From then on, each time i return from Cotonou, i would visit them with a bottle of foreign hot drink while the main reason (Chinwe) was never discussed.
The mother noticed that my frequent visits was not really about the car but who cares.

I and Chinwe continued fvcking until i eventually left Nigeria.

On one of my business trips, i had purchased a Gsm in Cotonou with Benin Rep Number. I returned with it to Onitsha and the whole street wanted to take a peep. Chinwe loved it so much that she never allowed the Alcatel to rest each time we go out.
There was this one special outing in which we visited Asaba. Everyone in the street knew that Chinwe was my girlfriend and there was no more hide and seek. His father was rich and so was I. My money was approaching two million naira then and that was a lot of money for someone my age. Big man talk to big man they say.
Although i was not making mouth but my style was making the mouth for itself.

That afternoon, on a Sunday, i carried Chi Chi on my Motorcycle and headed to Asaba. We visited a joint where they sell fresh fish – point and kill-.
After eating, we booked a room in a hotel and showered. After showering, we kissed all the way from the bathroom to the bed. She wrapped the towel around her body while my JT dangled like a jingle bell. We kept kissing while on the bed. After a few minutes, i got tired of her lips and moved my tongue down to her Well via the breassst- belly button route.
She moaned loudly while trying to push my head away from her Well. I held on and found the swollen cliiit with my adventurous tongue. It was her first time of being sucked and i could tell she was amazed at the pleasure. She closed her eyes while i dig in and out with my tongue. I sucked and sucked until she was about to climax, then i got up.

  • it is worthy to note that i stopped using Condom on Chinwe. Infact i used condom only once on her. I was never afraid of getting her pregnant. As a matter of fact, i wanted her to get pregnant. I would have married her if she did. I loved her with all my heart and she knew that-

When i got up from sucking her Well, i stylishly moved into her Well with my already strong and standing diiick. The wet Well welcomed me like a man who just returned to his beloved family after a long trip. I fvcked and hit the four corners of her cunnt until she climaxed again. The muscles of her cunnt held so tight to my diick as she begged me not to stop.
I turned her and made her bend while holding the bed. I stood behind her and took a peep on the inviting red-lipped Well facing me before entering her again through the back. I pumped in and out as she followed the movement and took over the pumping by herself. I stood still holding her waist as she pushed her arse to swallow and unswallow my diiick. We climaxed at the same time and lay on the bed staring on the concrete ceiling. We remained silent for a few minutes before going to the bathroom to clean up. Then we left the hotel and went back to Onitsha.

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