Changing Maria

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This book is locked from Chapter 2. If you are interested in reading it, Download it here Download Season 5: Changing Maria or ask for the password through email

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The Book ‘Changing Maria’ is a powerful continuation of the Last book ‘The Devils of Europe’.

In this suspense filled thriller, you will find out how Zuby moved to Sweden to hide from the Italian thugs and their Madams, How Maria found him up there in Sweden and how he was able to convince Maria to change from her old ways and help in the fight against human trafficking and teenage prostitution. You will also find out how Zuby outsmarted Maria yet again by convincing Fatima to come to Sweden Where she eventually decided to join the Catholic Nuns.

Starting from here, the stories are protected with passwords. Season 5, Season 6, Season 7 and the Masterpiece Season 8 cost 200 Naira each. You can buy all of them once at 700 Naira or you can pay 200 and read one after another on this website.

For Bank Transfer, Contact the Author at or +8613145790981 (Whatsapp and Wechat are highly encouraged, don’t send text message or call me unless for a different business altogether.)

You can also download the complete edited docx file of this book here,Download Season 5: Changing Maria, it cost 1000 Naira.

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