The Beginning


We got to Enugu towards the evening of
December 23, 2001 and booked into the
Zodiac hotels along Rangers Avenue
independence layout Enugu.
It was a very
expensive hotel but i wanted the best things
for Efuah. I didnt know all about her and i
believed there was something about her she
was not telling me. From her behaviour and
taste for things, i figured out that she came
from a very wealthy family.
As soon as we settled into the hotel, she
called her Mother and told her that she had
moved from Lagos to another city called
Enugu. After a brief listening on the phone,
she said ” Thanks mom” and hung up. I
adviced her to rest while i followed Okey in
his Mercedes 190 to drop some bags of rice
and the other things we bought for
Christmas. We got to the village and
dropped off the items. We hung around for
an hour to entertain home based boys with
drinks and meat. Then we drove back to
Enugu Metropolis.
It was already 7pm by the time we got back
to the hotel, so i told Okey to leave and
return tomorrow in the morning. Okey’s
parents had a house at the heart of Uwani
Enugu, so he went there while i stayed back
at the hotel.
I and Efuah, strolled outside and settled
beside the swimming pool. The weather was
cool and perfect for romance. We talked
about things and for the first time, i realised
that all those escapades with Efuah Kuffor
was real and not a dream or fantasy. I asked
her how she found it to easy to trust me to
the extent of coming to Nigeria alone. She
told me that she had always wanted to visit
Nigeria and found the opportunity when i
showed up in her life. We sat there and
talked and kissed and massaged and tried
out all sorts of romantic plays. When the
blood started to get hot, we held hands like
a new wedded sweethearts and strolled back
into the beautifully decorated room. As soon
as we locked the door, she pushed me down
unto the bed and started removing my
”Baby, i want to ask you something” i said.
” go ahead ” she said and continued her
effort at keeping my clothes out of my body.
” We have been having unprotected sexxxx
since we met and you seem not to be
bothered by that” i said while looking her
straight in the face.
” Zuby, what are you afraid of exactly” she
” we could get into some serious troubles as
a result of this” i told her.
” forinstance, you could get pregnant”
She laughed out at what i said and i
wondered what was so funny about that.
” if i get pregnant, it would be nice. I can
take care of my baby” she said.
”what about me, what if i am not ready to
marry you now” i asked.
” it doesnt matter, like i said, i can take care
of myself even if you are not ready” she
” I am in love with you and it would be nice
to have a baby with you” she said.

What was this girl talking about? My whole life, i was taught that it was the woman who runs away from getting pregnant for a man who was not ready for marriage. But this Ghanaian lady seemed not to be bothered a bit by that. As far as i could tell, she wanted it, a baby from me. Why? Was this girl trying to trap me down in one place to become a father that i was not ready for. My mind kept racing from here to there and here again until her mouth on my diccck jolted me back to realities on ground.

somehow, a part of my mind went through the beautiful experience of marrying a Ghanain girl, it would be different in my whole town since the farthest any member of my town had gone to marry a stranger had been to Fulani Northern Nigeria. And here was Zuby of all people considering marrying a Ghanaian

I resigned to fate but my only worries was
that i had not built a house. We so much
believed in Igboland that one had to build a
house before marriage.

  • I think it was the major reason why we
    Igbos dont marry on time*

She must have noticed that my
concentration was not on the romance she
was dishing out becauae she looked at me
and asked ” Zuby what is worrying you”
”Nothing” i lied to her.
”If it is about the pregnant thing, you dont
have to worry. I can only get pregnant if i
wanted it” she said.
I relaxed a little and smiled at her.
” I was actually thinking about how beautiful
our baby could be, he or she will look like
you” i said.

She was surprised from what i said because
she searched my eyeballs with hers and
started crying.
When she calmed down, she told me that it
would be nice to have a baby with me.
” My dad is a politician” she said.
” I could ask him to give us money so that
we can go to the UK and live” she continued.

I pinched my left hand to find out if i was
dreaming but i was not.
I said nothing because i was always careful
when money matters come up.

” Personally, i have 50,000 dollars in my
account and that should be enough for us
but we will get more from my Dad” she said

50,000 dollars and this girl was stingy enough to give me only 700 dollars in Accra

I laughed at the above thought as it passed
through my mind.
” There is a place i will take you tomorrow” i
said trying to suspend the money topic
”where” she asked
”My village’ its not far from here, its about
20 minutes. I would like you to meet my
Parents” i said without giving it a single
” That would be nice” she said.

How could this girl be so free with me’ we
just ran into each other in Accra beach
without prior knowledge of each other and
here she was proposing marriage indirectly.

  • My mind zoomed off to Agnes, my village
    girlfriend. How was i supposed to tell her
    about this Ghana girl*
  • a part of my mind assured me that there
    would be no issues*

My mind returned to the moment as i placed
a long kiss on her lips to cement this whole
new development. My hand was already
brushing through her veegee while the
clothes was still on.
we kissed more and more before i removed
her clothes entirely and threw it like Finidi
George Into the only seat in the room. I
carried her to the edge of the bed and
parted her legs to expose her already
swolled cu.nt. I parted some pubic hairs
with my right hand and placed my tongue
into the opening of her veegee.
I teased the walls of her cu’nt with my lips
and made her moan with pleasure. i
continued and atimes clipped the opening of
her cu,nt with my lips and pull it outside
slightly. She was in another planet with
pleasure while i worked on her like a
professional sexxstar.

  • I wondered where i learnt all that and the
    whole Religious teachings of how pre marital
    sex was sin and bla bla bla was forgotten.
    There was a 50K dollars for grabs between
    me and god and the battle field is Efuah who
    was currently occupied by me*
  • The children of Israel who starved in the
    desert for fourty years would have been
    better off with 50k dollars, so why would i
    care what happens after life*

I slowly moved out of the V-spot and moved
up slightly to kiss her bosoms. I teased her
niipples with my tongue as i moved my dicck
slowly into her 50 grand worth of Veegee.

  • forgive me for attaching the price money
    to my thought but that was the closest i ever
    came to that kind of money*

She moaned more and more as her wet c,unt
recieved my hard Joystick in a most
fashionable way available. I was so gentle
during the entrance and the thought of using
gold circle had long vanished from my head.

If she wanted a baby, fine with me. Aftreall, Tigana, my friend impregnanted Ada his girlfriend when we were in SS3 and they had their baby

She held my waist line tightly to encourage
my thrust. We fvcked for many minutes
before we cimaxed at the same time. We
both lay on the bed Unclad and slept off.
The following morning, Dec 24, we dressed
up and drove with Okey down to Ihe, my
village in Awgu area of Enugu state.

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